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Discover what your pet's nutritional needs are and how you can give them the healthy lifestyle they deserve.

What We Do

We portion, cater, and deliver a healthy, balanced, B.A.R.F. diet for your dog. Our goal is provide dog owners with a meal plan for their dogs, based on B.A.R.F. principals, that will help to increase your dog's quality of life and improve their overall health.


If your pet has any allergies, we cater their meal plan to suit them and their likes and dislikes to keep your dog happy and healthy.


You tell us about your pet, and we portion their meals to suit their size, age and activity. No more over or under feeding!


Your dog's meals are delivered direct to your door, be it your office or your home. Even choose the delivery date!

What is B.A.R.F?

B.A.R.F. stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. B.A.R.F. is a diet that replicates the diet of what dogs would have eaten in the wild.

The whole point of "Biologically Appropriate" is to feed dogs food that their bodies are biologically and evolutionarily predisposed to. B.A.R.F. breaks down into the following categories.



This is the bulk of the diet. This is the meat and fish in the Bento. Depending on the Bento package, we supply a variety of meats for your pet.



The primary source of calcium is from eating bones. This can be ground up in the meat, or whole bones gnawed on by your pet. (Never cooked bones!)



Offal, or organ meat (such as liver, lung, heart, kidney, etc) provides many nutrients and minerals for a healthy, well-balanced pet.



Unprocessed tripe (cow's stomach) is the primary source of vitamins and vegetative calories for dogs, as well as superfoods we provide.

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